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Customized for Ringo Starr Tour
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Heuer's Drum Lab
827 Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505


"The work Chris has done for me is above and beyond what i
expected. The edges he did for me are amazing and brought
life back into a kit that was in serious need of some love. He
also has created great replacement parts for some old snares
and even created a cable-hat controlled Tamborim Tree device
for my last 2007 tour with Tori Amos. He is the true doctor of
drums and can heal whatever ails them.

Matt Chamberlain


Heuer Drums IS the one-stop-shop for all your custom needs.

Chris is one of my bros that has the "Midas Touch" for drums - no question!"

                        have to duplicate a large amount of sounds, so I own a lot of 
drums and am
                        very picky about each. Chris took two of my vintage 
toms, carefully restored the correct edges, and made
                        them sound and 
look better than new. He's meticulous every step
                        of the way and I'd 
let him work
                        on my rarest drums without hesitation. Thanks again!"
Bermuda Schwartz
The "Weird Al"
                        Yankovic Band


"Chris Heuer breathed new life into my drums more than once. What he does with drums is astounding. Chris is a magician"!

-Vinnie Colaiuta-



"When I am in need of drum repair,or even a bit
of equipment advice,I always find myself turning to
Chris Heuer. Over the past severalyears, I have
grown to feel so comfortable with his skills, taste,
and attention to detail in regards to drum tuning, repairing, and refinishing. Chris is truly a
lifesaver for all the gear-obsessed
drummers of the world."

- Brendan Buckley -